High demand for cheap voice traffic is generated by dealers in the telecommunications market
11 July 2021

Every day, a business is looking for an opportunity to reduce operating costs and one of the important items is communication services and Internet access. Each country has its own unique system of traffic exchange and connection of legal entities to communication services, where the largest operators provide the opportunity for small providers to resell communication services, using certain privileges on their networks, but national operators determine the quality, speed and cost of services provided, and small providers who have agency or dealer agreements most often offer prices to legal entities much lower than the large / national operator itself.


What’s going on?

  1. Illegal use by a dealer of a large / national operator’s network;
  2. Violation of contractual relations between a dealer and a large operator;
  3. Illegal use of equipment for the termination of international traffic;
  4. Unlawful use of forwarding or modification of A numbers;
  5. Organization of a group of like-minded people, consisting of employees of a dealer, a large operator and international transit operators for the purpose of illegal termination of voice traffic;


How can you control what is happening?

  1. Active monitoring of incoming international voice traffic to the network using test calls;
  2. Identification and blocking of identified numbers of dealers involved in illegal termination;
  3. Passive analysis of the total voice traffic on the operator’s network with detailed information on the volumes of incoming and outgoing voice traffic, abnormal bursts of traffic of individual subscribers, analysis of channel load and routing;
  4. Development and approval of separate clauses in dealer agreements providing for penalties in case of detection of incidents of illegal traffic exchange;
  5. Identification of specialized equipment with the help of which dealers illegally land traffic on the operator’s network;
  6. Collection of statistical data on participants in illegal termination and the formation of an evidence base for subsequent proceedings with fraudsters with the participation of law enforcement agencies.


The service platform antifraud “FRAUDHUNTER” has modules for active and passive monitoring of international voice traffic, which will allow you to control the situation of cooperation between the operator and dealers.

You just need to exchange data on calls with Fraudhunter analytics system to receive online reports on the areas of interest of voice traffic.

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