How changes in data transmission technologies affect the profitability of telecom operators?
11 July 2021

With the development of high-speed Internet access in developing countries, the illegal termination of international voice calls has moved to a new level, having the ability to use various applications and VOIP gateways.

The active use of mobile applications, messengers for subscribers ‘communications creates high risks of loss of operators’ profitability due to illegal actions of fraudsters.

Frodster, having contacts with transit operators, lands voice traffic using OTT (Over-The-Top) services to the subscriber receiving the call. At the same time, the mobile operator, as usual, does not immediately react to this fact of fraud, and even more so, cannot quickly assess the damage caused.

A scammer’s income using new technologies is the difference between the tariffs for an international call to the operator’s network and the cost of terminating in OTT applications. More often than not, a fraudster gets 100% of the use of Internet applications.

According to Fraudhunter statistics, mobile operators can lose up to 30% of their profits from international voice call termination, while only a few understand the real risks and are looking for effective tools to control and monitor these incidents.

The Fraudhunter service platform has an OTT module that monitors and detects fraud using Internet applications, generates reports with the help of which the telecom operator understands the real traffic outflow and can form a strategy for working with OTT services and transit operators.

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