What percentage of income and why does the operator lose due to fraudulent actions of third parties?
11 July 2021

The factors affecting providers’ revenues from voice services are described in the FRAUDHUNTER presentation on the official Linkedin page, but I would like to point out that the loss of revenue from fraudulent activities of third parties and the operator’s internal problems can be easily avoided using an integrated approach to identifying and preventing fraud.

On average, the operator loses 25-30% of profit from voice services, but this is what is known and what is included in the budget as risks, but the main loss of profitability, especially of large national telecom operators, is more than 50% due to problems with the existing infrastructure, abuse of office by officials, collusion with fraudsters and irresponsibility of company employees.

Even if the internal audit and security service has identified the fact of fraud, then this fact must be proven. As far as we know, very often, these departments do not have the necessary tools that would provide them with the necessary materials when investigating incidents, which, in turn, makes it difficult to permanently exclude repeated cases of fraud. Criminals inside the company know about the absence of an automated anti-fraud system and not only take advantage of this, but also oppose the implementation of such systems in every possible way.

With the help of the FRAUDHUNTER antifraud service platform, the operator can audit the network for the above problems, receive a report and recommendations from FRAUDHUNTER specialists, implement the service platform on its network, as a result, monitor and prevent loss of profitability in real time.

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