What tools will help the operator in the fight against fraud from international voice traffic?
11 July 2021

At the moment, all big mobile and fixed-line operators already have various tools for monitoring illegal voice traffic, but not all operators use active and passive network analysis at the same time.

Active traffic analysis is the pinpoint detection of anomalies or gray routes by making test calls and SMS.

Passive traffic analysis is a global detection of anomalies or gray routes by collecting statistical data on the total volume of traffic passing through the Operator’s network.

Data on the activation of numbers, time, dates, directions, call duration, routing, station records, call forwarding and other parameters about calls for a certain period of time and compiles statistics with which you can prevent a fraudulent call even before the operator loses money.

If the operator uses the tools described above, the risks can be reduced to 3-5% of the total volume of voice traffic losses, while the results of active monitoring will be formed as an evidence base for the operator’s further legal steps against the fraudster.

FRAUDHUNTER fully complies with a comprehensive model in combating fraud and maintaining profitability, has an intuitive interface in more than three languages.

The operator can fully manage test calls, delimit access to confidential information, generate full-fledged reports and track the results of the work group.

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